"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD" Psalms 127:3

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Will's first bubble bath.....He was more interested in trying to climb out of the tub than of the bubbles.  I'll have to take him over to Grandma and Pop's to try out their jacuzzi tub. 

He's such a little man...and YES, his eyes are that blue! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

More SNOW and a National Championship!

It snowed 10 inches in Huntsville on January 10th!  It's the most snow I can remember in a long time.   It shut the city down for two days and schools were out for an entire week.  I missed the first two days of this snow, when it was falling and pretty,because Becky and I were in Phoenix, AZ to watch Auburn win the National Championship!   I sent Pat specific directions on taking pictures of Will in the snow and he took NONE!  He did,however, take some of the dogs and of the house.
Our back deck

The view from our front porch of the house across the street.

The cars....


"Bitsy"....can't believe she got out in it! 

Below are some pictures from our amazing trip to Arizona.  Definitely one of the best trips I have EVER been on.  Can't wait to go there with Pat and Will one day.  The Grand Canyon was amazing.

Awesome Game, Awesome Trip!  So glad we were able to go.  Thanks so much to Pat and Mom and Dad for taking care of Will.  I know Pat was glad to see me come home....and I guess Will too....


This dog has caused us much worry in 2011........

We spent the night with my parents on NYE and had the worst thunder and lightening storm that I can remember.  It was incredibly loud and very close by.  We left the dogs in the house and thought they would be fine for the short time we were going to be gone.  Pat, Will, and I returned home around 10 am New Years Day and found that Remy was no where to be found.  Pat immediatley got under the house (which was flooded from all the rain) and started searching.  Remy has gotten under the house before so we thought he was trapped under there.  We quickly realized that Remy was not under the house.  He had, in fact, gone under the back porch, under the house, and out the front!  CRAZY DOG!  We spent the next 8 hours searching the neighborhood for Remy.  We had my dad, Pat's dad, our friend, Sven, and both Pat and I looking for him.  He was no where to be found and Pat and I were devastated.  We continued searching all day Sunday.  We put up signs, we placed an ad in the paper, we alerted the Huntsville Animal Services, we did everything we knew to do and still nothing.  Monday we went back to work with heavy hearts.  We were both devastated, along with our other dog Bitsy.  We didn't know how he could make it in the cold temps with no shelter or food, but we were still hopeful!  Tuesday brought that hope we were looking for!  Around 1:00 that afternoon a man called Pat to let him know he had seen  Remy in his backyard that morning!  We were thrilled.  Pat immediately left work and started searching.  I joined him around 3:15 to help in the search.  By 4 o'clock we hadn't seen him and I had to go get Will.  Our hopes were dashing again.... On my way home I decided to do one more look through the neighborhood, where he was spotted.  I couldn't believe it, but there he was running down the street with one of my swimmers chasing him.  I immediately called Pat and pointed him in the right direction.  By sheer luck, Pat was able to cut him off and stop him in mid run.  I think he scared Remy.  Pat said he basically ran right into him and didn't know what to do.  We finally got Remy to come to us by using a squeaky toy.  So, even though 2011 started off with heartbreak and tears, day 4 brought our family great JOY!  We are so thankful for the answered prayers.  Our pets are truly a part of our family and we would be lost without them! 

Also, if you ever need any tips on finding a missing dog...call us!  We've read more websites and done more research than you can imagine!

Here are some pics from Remy's homecoming!  Bitsy was so happy, she peed on me :)

So tired and hungry....

Cuddling with Bitsy

Remy was filthy! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Months

Will is 10 months old!  He is growing and really becoming his own little person.  He is a blessing each and every day.  I can't believe how fast this last year has gone and in a few short months, Will will be ONE! 

Will's Stats at 10 Months:

-weighs 20 lbs. 9oz
-has lots of reddish blonde hair
-can crawl... fast!
-can walk around the table... fast!
-eats and eats.  He loves solid food and loves to feed himself. 
-wants to do everything on his own.  He's very independent.
-has a hard time in church (especially Sunday school).  He is very fussy around bible class time. He's always asleep before we get home from church!
-Is a good "night time" sleeper....not much of a napper!
-has one little tooth, that made its appearance on Dec. 23, but STILL hasn't poked all the way through.  It's on the bottom and it's taking forever! 
-loves the toilet.  He loves to splash in the water.  It's disgusting, he's weird.
-has a smile that will MELT YOUR HEART!

Love you Will!  More than you will ever know.

Christmas Afternoon

After a yummy breakfast and relaxing morning with my family, we headed over the mountain to Pat's dad's house to celebrate Christmas with Aunt Kelly and Grandpa George!  Will was the highlight of the day and got more toys than he knows what to do with.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

All these presents for Will.....

Long Day!