"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD" Psalms 127:3

Friday, June 25, 2010

First Swim

Saturday June 5, we took Will for his first swim at our neighborhood pool where I coach the swim team.  Pat and I met at our summer swimming pool and have both been in the water our entire lives.  It is very important to us that Will learn to swim at an early age and NEVER BE SCARED of the water.  If you're a parent of a young one and your anxious about them swimming, put them in the water now.  Will went under the water at 3 mo and was fine.  He hasn't cried once.  Just blow in their face and dunk....easy as that.  Will can also float on his back with minimal assistance.  All babies can...you just have to expose them to the water. 
On our way!

Mommy and Will

Floating...he can also do this with just one hand on his back.  Pretty soon I will let him go.
Whew!  Long day.

We have been back several times since our first visit.  We've got several friends with small children who like to join us on our trips to the pool. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 Months

Will was three months old June 1.  He changes so much daily.  My friend, Brooke came over to take some pictures of Will at three months.  She really captured his spirit.  I love them. 

Will at 3 months...
  • Coos and laughs all the time
  • Loves the pool (and has been dunked numerous times)
  • Holds his head up on his own
  • Puts weight on his feet and "stands" with help. 
  • Has a very strong grip! 
  • Weighs a ton...I can't be sure, but definitely over 15lbs. 
  • Started day care and is doing great!
  • Started going to his own Sunday School Class instead of going with me and Pat to ours.
  • Still has gorgeous blue eyes and "reddish/blondish" hair...(he's pale) 
  • Can wear 6mo clothes
  • Recognizes his name
  • Loves to watch t.v.
  • Is a good, happy baby who rarely cries and brings joy to a lot of lives.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cotton Row Run

Each year Pat and I start our Memorial Day off with a 6.2 mile run.  It has kind of become a tradition in our house.  We wake up before 6, eat some breakfast, run a little to warm up, and head to the start line in downtown Huntsville.  This 10K is very popular!  This year over 5000 people ran the 10K, 5K, and one mile fun run.  I have been running with Will in his jogging stroller since April trying to prepare for these 6.2 miles.  This is no easy 6 miles.  There are steep hills, rolling hills, and a down hill portion.  There are 4 or 5 water stations along the way and tons of spectators!  People are out with music blaring, clapping, and cheering all along the course.  It is such a fun run and Monday was the perfect day to run.  Not to hot, not to cold!  Thanks Aunt Kelly for getting up way early to babysit Will! 
Pre Race....still feeling good!

Danielle and me (We run together every year and her husband takes us to the start line so we don't have to worry about parking)

Headed out to see Mom and Dad run!

The Winner...Kelly took this pic so we could see who the winner was!  He was flying....

The person farthest to the right is Pat.

Pat's in this group somewhere...

Here comes Mommy!  I'm right in the middle of this pic.

This was about 2.5 miles...I'm still feeling good enough to smile and wave! 

Thumbs up!  We finished.  Pat in about 50 minutes and me in 1 hr and 4 minutes.  I'm still trying to break that hour.  Maybe next year. (I have to keep reminding myself, I did just have a baby)

Here's our fat cat, Edna.  This is what she did while we were running!  LAZIEST CAT EVER!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Will's Aunt Kelly came home for a visit Memorial Day weekend.  We had the best time visiting with she and James.  We wish they would come home for a visit more often.  Aunt Kelly, James, and Grandpa Clark came over for dinner Sunday night.   It was a great time to take some good pictures!
Dad manning the grill. We had yummy pork tenderloin, corn, and asparagus!

Aunt Kelly loves Will!