"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD" Psalms 127:3

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lily's First Birthday

Mom and Dad were so gracious to host Lily's first birthday party.  They are brave to have lots of toddlers and several babies at their house at one time, but it was great!  Our family is so blessed to have so many friends.  Lily (and Will) are lucky to be so loved!

Lily's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so I decided to host a birthday "brunch" for her.  We served sausage rolls and egg casserole, along with cinnamon rolls and muffins and a delicious punch!  YUMMY!  I made all of the decorations and Lily's pants (I have a love/hate relationship with those pants, but was proud of myself when it was all said and done)!  All of our closest friends were on hand to celebrate our little girl's first birthday!  She's also the first born girl of our close knit group of friends, so she's got lots of big brothers to love (and beat up) on her.  Since Lily's birth, we've added a few more "little sisters" to the mix.  I love watching our little group grow!

We finally have some "girl" toys in our house.  At last Lily can play with something other than cars, trains, and balls (although, she does love her some boy toys).  My favorite gift Lily received was the Raggedy Ann doll. My grandmother made that doll and my aunt was holding on to it for someone special.  I'm so glad she chose to give it to Lily.  My grandmother was one special lady and I'm so glad Lily gets to have a piece of her.  Thanks to all those who came out and loved on our Lily!  We sure are glad God decided to bless our family with her.   She completes us!