"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD" Psalms 127:3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4 months

Let me begin by saying....I am so far behind!  I have so much I need to blog about but can't seem to find the time (this working full time with two small kids is exhausting)!  Also, our computer is currently hospitalized so I'm having to use pictures from my phone to do this post at work!  Now on to what's important....

This little Gem is 4 Months Old!!!!!

And what a great 4 months it's been.....

  • Weighs 14 lbs 3 oz
  • Is 25 inches long
  • Can roll over
  • Has started solid foods (bananas and sweet potatoes)
  • Sits up for long periods of time
  • Isn't much of a napper, but is a great night sleeper
  • Loves the bath
  • Never cries.  She is soooo laid back (she must get that from her daddy)  She got two shots yesterday and only cried after the 2nd one!  
  • Giggles and Smiles at her big brother, who she thinks hung the moon (I'm pretty sure he feels the same way)
  • Still has beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest little dimple. 
Lily Ryan, you complete us and we love you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4 Little Monkeys

A few weeks back Will and I headed around the corner to Grayson's house for some St. Patty's Day fun. 

 We decorated cupcakes.....

Jumped on the Bed.....

Everyone was having a blast, until someone gets hurt.....
 Poor Peyton! 

But not to worry, a Popsicle with Miss Kristen makes everything better.....